30 year anniversary  


Wonderlease was established in 1988. At this time we had the greyhound racing track known as Walthamstow Stadium which became Britain's leading track. The year Wonderlease was launched, the racing track's turnover figures were £16,355,089. Consequently, it was a national landmark which embodied Walthamstow for many. During this year we were also excited to see the the Mall (the then called Selbourne Walk Shopping Centre) open for the first time.


Whilst researching Walthamstow during our 1988 launch we happened to come across a photo of Jay-Z riding in Mercedes Benz through the streets of 'Stow! It's questionable how authentic this photograph is but Dan Sully, the award-winning British filmmaker and photographer who has made music videos for artists such as Elbow and the Kaisher Chiefs Dan Sully tweeted the photo.


Maybe there was something in the air in the year of 1988 and this why Wonderlease made the decision to move to Walthamstow. A Daily Express article from 2006 sheds light on the history of Wonderlease in the 1980s when 'house prices fell and interest rates rose'.

Published on 01 January 2018

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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