'Going Down The Dogs'

Walthamstow Stadium. Greyhound racing since 1933 by dg.Quadrant Construction have had their work cut out since 2013. With the completion date of July 2016 getting closer and closer, expect to see much transformation from the site of the infamous greyhound racing track which saw its first race back in 1933. The iconic Art Deco stadium was one of the last few remaining race tracks operating in Greater London. If anyone from East London ever said that they were “going down the dogs”, the chances were that they were referring to Walthamstow’s track or Romford’s Greyhound Stadium

www.quadrant-construction.co.uk/projects/view/walthamstow-stadiufThe Finish Line - End of a Legacy

British rock band Blur used the site as their album cover for 'Parklife' as did East 17 and Blazin' Squad, the old school boy bands who slipped in some of the stadium's magic into their music videos. Guy Ritchie's stylised classic 'Snatch' and the coming of age film 'An Education' also referenced the track on the silver screen. It's worth a mention that local Essex boy David Beckham earnt a few quid as a glass collector at the 'dogs' in Walthamstow during his first job. Everyone has got to start somewhere...

A Race for Development

With the exception of the front facade of the stadium and other efforts to restore some of the stadium's unique Grade II listed Tote building features, the site will be lowered to the ground to provide 292 new homes. Some of these new properties will vary from 3 - 9 storeys high. With new maisonettes, apartments and houses soon available, Boris Johnson's initial controversial decision to demolish the stadium will ultimately contribute to Waltham Forest's rejuvenation programme. In the spirit of the sense of community which the 'dogs' seemed to embody for East London locals, Quadrant Construction are also creating community facilities, commercial units, a nursery, a cafe, a sports centre and pocket allotments.

Published on 01 September 2015

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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