Take advantage of the low interest rates currently on offer The Bank of England has cut the base rate for the first time in more than seven years. The rate has dropped from 0.5% to 0.25%! The property industry is still processing the current interest rates and what impact this will have on the market. The cut could be music to the ears of home owners on tracker mortgages and other borrowers. Since the rates have edged closer to the zero mark, estate agents have seen a surge of investment within the buy-to-let market. Unfortunately for those first time buyers hoping to climb the property ladder, savers and anyone hoping to retire the news has not been as well received.


CEO of investment firm Assetz Property, Stuart Law stated: "Although the decision to slash interest rates to 0.25% will make mortgages even cheaper, it is a major blow to savers who are already getting poor returns... As a result we expect to see continued growth in people looking to income from other asset classes, such as buy-to-let, where they can get typically three to five times the income that they could now get from a bank account and still have good long-term security of capital."


Buy-to-let portfolio mortgages are designed for landlords who own more than one property. A portfolio Buy-to-let mortgage can allow you borrow more than the property's value. You may be able to take advantage of your rental income or equity and put this towards purchasing other properties to build upon your portfolio.


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Published on 01 December 2016

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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