Mini-Holland: Sadiq Khan's Support


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan recently showed his support for the Mini-Holland schemes which have caused controversy in Walthamstow, Enfield and Kingston. Despite a petition with over 6,000 signatures being presented to him in early April, Mr Khan has stuck by his loyalty to the scheme.



The Mayor of London has had to take the buck of the pro cycling controversy from Boris Johnson. Mr Khan has had to remain undeterred by claims that local businesses have been negatively affected by the road closures as well as claims that congestion and air pollution has consequently moved to roads which have not been closed. Sadiq Khan has given his backing to London's Mini-Holland cycle schemes in the face of demands from motorists to reopen residential roads to through traffic.



The Mayors spokesman reinstated Mr Khan's commitment to Mini-Holland and made reference to the overall aim 'to make London a safer and easier city of cycling and walking'. This is particularly topical as three cyclists were recently killed due to road accidents. Safety remains a concern as campaigner Christine Greig, a witness of the infamous incident in which an Ambulance struggled to reach a stroke victim in 2016 has reminded us. Speaking of the incident she has commented that 'The ambulance got stuck at the bollards and had to drive off again'. Please follow this link for actual footage.



In 2016 Mr Khan has praised the scheme 'I have seen restaurants and cafes benefiting from Mini Holland here in Walthamstow'. Sadiq Khan also complemented the 'Mediterranean cafe style' as a result of the road closures. In regards to safety, Mr Khan's support for Mini-Holland's commitment to improving air quality is based on his understanding that 'There are children whose lung health is affected by pollution and 10,000 Londoners are dying every year due to pollution.'

Published on 01 May 2017

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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