Staying Protected from Property Damages


According to Landlord Today, property damage amounts to a whopping £4.5 billion per year in the UK. Unpaid rent also sets landlords back £900 million.


Appliances and carpets appear to be the most vulnerable spots for landlords. Damage caused by smoking in non-smoking properties also hit landlords where it hurts. A lack of cleanliness, if left unattended has also been known to add up. Property damages can often lead to disputes where historically speaking, tenants tend to have the advantage in winning cases.


With this knowledge Wonderlease get to know our prospective tenants and build a sound profile to ensure a perfect match between our tenants and landlords. The advantage of working as an independent family business is that we work closely with both parties throughout the entire process. Our checks include proof of ID (passport or driving licence), employer's reference, previous landlord's reference, proof of residence (utility bill), bank statements (3 x months), pay slips (3 x months) and any other information that is requested by Wonderlease. For company lets, we require a bank reference, accountant's reference, company documentation and Two Trades' References.


Our thorough checks prevent the landlord-tenant relationship from deteriorating. We often conduct inspections (at least every three months) to document the condition of the property and carry out frequent maintenance work. From past experience, our landlords and tenants take pride in their home and such concerns rarely arise.


Every 3-5 years many of our landlords paint the walls and ceilings with emulsion. Scuff marks on the walls are considered light wear and tear, but heavy marks will result in a penalty. Landlords and tenants should recognise the difference between issues of cleanliness and wear and tear. If you are in need of some clarity when understanding what comes under your responsibility as a landlord and what is the tenants', our maintenance manager will be happy to help.


Wonderlease deem it essential that both parties from the outset are protected. We advise landlords to carry out a detailed inventory before the tenants move in to the property to ensure a written record, signed by both tenant and landlord, is available at the end of the agreement should there be any dispute over damages. Failure to do so would put a landlord at a major disadvantage if a dispute over the deposit occurs. Wonderlease can arrange for an independent company to carry out a full and comprehensive inventory for you. We also carry out photo inventories in-house, which is included in our services.

Published on 01 August 2016

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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