The time factor in sales


Buying a property is one of life's big decisions. New findings from research conducted by Foxtons indicates that it takes eight minutes (on average) for someone to decide whether to view a property after seeing it online. The research suggests that the person who ends up buying the property views it twice online and compares it with the 10 other properties which they have seen in person. This extensive process the average purchaser goes through places great importance on the photos published online which need to represent the home in an honest light. 60% of research participants expressed their difficulty in getting an idea of the dimensions from the images they saw. 30% were unable to tell how light the rooms were.


The CBRE's annual Borough by Borough report revealed that Waltham Forest has experienced the strongest house price growth of any London borough over the past five years, with prices rising to an average £416,926 (as of November 2017).The report also forecasts another 17% rise over the next five years. For a quick look at the facts, the following link is highly recommended: Waltham Forest.


Spring: when the grass is always greener...


At Wonderlease we are often asked when the best time is to sell your property. Some vendors believe it's best to wait until spring when people hope for the ideal weather to literally show of their property in the best light possible. However, we often ask these vendors why they want to wait until the wave of properties for sale hit the market as this is a highly competitive time. There are many factors buyers are actively looking to buy with the idea of simply fancying something new not always being the top priority. For example, the buyers may want to relocate (to be closer to work or a particular school) or they may want to downsize. These common reasons for wanting to sell are not exclusive to the spring time as people are looking for change all year round. We encourage anyone thinking of putting their property on the market to take advantage of the hours people have spent at home browsing for desirable properties during the Christmas break. During these hours spent at home with the family within the home the idea of wanting to move may be planted. Why wait until spring for the idea to fully blossom?


It's important to acknowledge (as we stated at the beginning of this article) that buying a property is one of life's big decisions. Therefore every factor in the decision making process should be fully considered. The team at Wonderlease are here to talk through your thoughts about sales and when is the best time for you. Although, above we have discussed buying and selling in general terms, each person's situation is unique and deserves to be considered in its own right.


Published on 01 January 2018

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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