Waltham Forest has £1m for Artists to revitalise the borough


Waltham Forest Council continues to show a commitment to revitalising sites across the borough which are in need of some creative attention. The council have £1m of funding which they are using to commission an arts and cultural programme which aspires to have lasting impact on Waltham Forest's neighbourhoods. Twenty sites will be nominated by local residents which will give them the opportunity to have their say. Parks, street corners, forest schools, library gardens and other public spaces will be places where locals can spend some quality time with their landscape.


The council began the identifying sites for the project in August and this process will continue until November. Each proposal can cost up to £40,000 and will be given the seal of approval by a judging panel consisting of some big names from Barbican, London Festival of Architecture and Soho Theatre Winning projects, to name a few. The open call has attracted artists, architects, designers and other creatives.


The council has suggested light installations, growing spaces, sculptures, play equipment and outdoor furniture. All projects will have to last for a minimum of five years, require little maintenance and take on board the opinions of the local residents.


See Making Places to find out more.

Published on 01 October 2017

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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