Walthamstow AKA Awesomestow           


The Walthamstow Garden Party was a huge success last month which put 'Awesomestow' right on the map. Initiated by the Barbican and Create London in partnership with the local council, the festival had Londoners frolicking to E17. Running for the third year, the two day festival keeps growing in scale, ambition and in luck with the weather! In 2015, Lloyd Park hosted over 32,000 visitors, involving 630 performers and 800 staff and participants. With Asian Dub Foundation, Mo' Kalamity, Islam Chipsy and Sam Lee Walthamstow certainly made some noise. Other attractions included a dynamic theater stage, a pop-up cinema, craft and design markets, storytelling, poetry and the Real Food Festival. There was certainly something for everyone.


What makes the Walthamstow Garden Party so refreshing is the wonderful ethos which drives the two day event. The initiative supports local and attracts international talent. The curators believe that the arts should be accessible and free to all. If you would like to support future Garden Parties you can donate online.


So what is it about Walthamstow that is so appealing to the up and coming young professionals of London? The Guardian's article provides us with some insight into this exciting buzz that is E17 and explores why properties in Walthamstow are expected to become as important to estate agents as those in Pimlico!


Walthamstow boasts an authentic sense of community like no other. Even with the recent controversy of the Mini-Holland protests, the subject of debate exposed how united 'Stow residents are. And there is plenty to be proud of - you only need to visit Orford Road to experience the quirky appeal of East London. With car park beer parties, fancy restaurants and that Elizabethan terrace house which everyone seems to be after, Walthamstow is glowing. Actually, visit God's Own Junkyard, a massive warehouse filled with neon sculptures and you will quite literally see Waltham-glow in its true light!

Published on 01 August 2016

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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