Walthamstow: from 1988, 8 years ago and 8 years from now


The Evening Standards recent article considers Walthamstow with the likes of Clapton and Peckham as the ideal areas to invest in property. E17 is showing more promising results than Mayfair, Hampstead, and Fulham in terms of average house price growth. Post 2009 recession, Walthamstow house prices has reached over 133%, which is remarkable considering Mayfair has only achieved 88%.



So who is responsible for this massive shift in the property landscape? Is it oversea buyers? Arguably, it seems to be the young, creative professionals and 'hipsters' who have seen the potential of Walthamstow as an East London hotspot. As a result, the influx of such people have brought with them a creative energy that has contributed the new identity of Walthamstow.



Walthamstow is undertaking even more change as the Mayor of London's Mini Holland programme seems to be, quite literally, changing the landscape at our feet. Since securing £30million from the programme which was reserved for a cycling infrastructure, the Mayor of London's investment in E17 is not just remarkable on financial terms. The change E17 is undertaking will convert our streets into walking and cycling routes which is part of Sadiq Khan's plan to improve air quality. We are already seeing a 'Mediterranean cafe style' (Mr Khan's words) hit good ol' Walthamstow. If time travel were possible, I wonder what some Wonderlease's earliest clients from the late 1980's would make of this trendy and European Walthamstow, once the work is complete?

Published on 01 June 2017

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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