Walthamstow house prices doubled since the Olympics


Walthamstow continues to raise the bar in London. The Guardian's recent article states that 'the cost of an average home in Walthamstow has more than doubled in the past five years, new research has found.' Since the London 2012 Olympics and the construction of the Olympic Park, house prices in the surrounding areas have soared, but Walthamstow saw the greatest increase. It's well worth a browse through the Sun's article which features a map and table which illustrates how Walthamstow prices increased compared to the rest of East London.


The average E17 property would cost £286,683, if you were buying property in September 2012. The average 'Stow home is now estimated at £479,421, according to Halifax's recent study from April 2017. Whereas the average property price in the rest of East London were achieving a 64 per cent increase, Walthamstow obtained an impressive 101 per cent increase during over the past five years.



This surge in price and demand was helped by Walthamstow's proximity to Stratford's Olympic Park. But more significantly, as Martin Ellis, a housing economist at Halifax highlights, 'major regeneration has boosted areas of East London.' The regeneration of Walthamstow has entirely changed the identity of E17. A recent example of this regeneration is the exciting regeneration of The Standard, a historic music venue in Walthamstow which will host new homes as well as live performances.

Published on 01 September 2017

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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