Walthamstow Village - The New Mini-Holland

Waltham Forest council are the brains behind this initiative. Last year, the borough won £33million from Transport for London and it was their idea to put this money into a sophisticated cycling network which will completely change the entire feel of the village. The new routes will make cycling a safe and efficient mode of transport and many are already referring to the neighbourhood as Mini-Holland. The cycling routes are already making the streets quieter and are improving the air quality- ideal for walking the kids to school and letting the little ones have a kick-about on Vestry Road playground.

51% of respondents from the recent public consultation favoured the shared space on Orford Road to be closed from 10am to 10pm Monday to Sunday. Local opinion on the Mini-Holland concept is split. Cycle enthusiasts are chuffed with the decision, whereas others feel that this cut through will lead to more traffic in Walthamstow area. With the pavements growing in size, we will see more pubs and cafes bringing table and chairs outside this summer time.

The historic and cultural significance of Walthamstow Village is also making our Mini-Holland a local hot stop. Vestry House Museum, the once parish workhouse and police station is a currently a beautiful archive which reveals the rich heritage of our local area. The museum celebrates a Victorian parlour, a costume gallery, a fantastic display of manufactured toys and a Bremer Car- It is funny to think that over a hundred years later, we are now steering towards cycling, a mode of transport more low-fi than Britain’s first car!

Vestry House also boasts a collection of 80,000 photographs which document the story of the borough throughout history. You can access these images by appointment. We also recommend bringing a good book to delve into as the stunning oasis garden, which has been maintained by some passionate volunteers, is the ideal surrounding for a good read.

Published on 06 July 2015

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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