Walthamstow Winter Wonderland is coming!


2019 will be Walthamstow's year as it has been dubbed London's first borough of culture. A year's worth of events will be announced soon so watch this space. To celebrate this achievement Waltham Forest are launching another community event known as Walthamstow Winter Wonderland (WWW).


WWW will feature an ice skating rink in Walthamstow town centre. It will be easy to to get into the festive spirit with the twinkling fairy lights. A curated range of kiosks and market stalls will offer street-food, drinks, clothing, art and Christmas gifts. Also there will be a ferris wheel, a helter skelter and a merry go round for all the family to get their thrills on. Also, not forgetting the theatre, multiple igloos and restaurant that will also be on site. This should be an exciting proposition for the 40,000+ footfall expected on a daily basis. What's best of all is that similarly to the annual Walthamstow Garden Party in the summer, WWW will be free for the public, attracting people from all over London.


Local hero Talvin Singh known for his landmark album 'OK' will launch the upcoming year's worth of events planned with an opening show called 'Welcome to the Forest'. In collaboration with digital artists Greenaway & Greenaway, Singh will tell the story of our borough from the perspective of local young people. A striking audio-visual artwork is planned for the event which we will see projected across Waltham Forest's Town Hall. This is just a glimpse of the ambition and scale of the event which we have planed for the borough. See the council's recent article for more teasers.


The event runs every Sunday from 10-5pm during the Christmas period.

Published on 01 October 2018

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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