Why Walthamstow is the area to invest in


Home buyers and landlords are always looking for thriving areas where economic growth can offer them a sense of security for their investments. As we prepare to leave the EU and find navigate through the Brexit uncertainty, a properties location seem to be high up on the agenda of home buyers and landlords. Of course at Wonderlease we love Walthamstow for its unique character and E17's ongoing commitment to regeneration, but when we read the Evening Standard's recently published article 'Where to buy a home in 2019' it resonated with us. It aptly touches upon the importance of various factors when considering an area to invest in: economic growth, employment figures, house price and rental rises. But they also consider another, slightly less quantifiable factor and this is (what the team at Wonderlease often refer to as) 'BUZZ'. 'BUZZ', includes the presence of start-ups, culture and reputation across London. Being dubbed London's First Borough of Culture is proof that we aren't just blowing our own trumpet. Ultimately, we believe the 'BUZZ' of start-up businesses popping up across the area are promising indicators for property owners that vibrant areas like Walthamstow are (and will continue to be) desirable for property owners and tenants. 'When small businesses thrive, local economies thrive,' says Michelle Ovens, who is the director of Small Business Saturday UK. As an independent family-run business, Wonderlease knows from experience that clusters of small independent business are appealing for our clients for reasons greater than the uniqueness or quirkiness they offer locals. They are signs of prosperity. See for yourself the creative work spaces that are trending on Twitter.


It isn't just home buyers and landlords who see Walthamstow's potential. Plans for a new development have been approved by Waltham Forest Council. In close proximity to Blackhorse Road station, 350 new homes and a 17,000 square feet of retail, commercial and co-working spaces will transform the area. For an overview of other plans for redevelopment including Juniper House, Feature17, Walthamstow Gateway, Essex Brewery and Walthamstow Central and have a look at one of our previous articles.


Published on 01 January 2019

Source Wonderlease

Written by Marc Cohen

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